Is a hair transplant painful

Hair transplant – Is it painful? Will it cause any sort of discomfort?

Premature Balding and persistent hair loss are commonly being experienced by people. According to the reports, premature hair loss causes a significant effect on the self-esteem and mental unwellness of the individual.

But to enhance self-confidence among individuals, many hair restoration procedures are gaining significant importance. Hair transplant is one of such procedures which aim at transferring the hair follicles to the balding sites. Several myths have been spread regarding the procedures, but all of them have come to be known as falsified.

So let’s unfurl some of the important points about hair transplantation procedure.

What to expect before the procedure?

Consultation booking: The procedure will commence once the consultation is being booked with the reputed doctors or surgeons.

Explanation of the procedure: No sooner than the doctor has made you undergo variegated tests than he will explain the procedure to you.

Precautions to follow: Once the doctor provides you with the date of the surgery, you should follow the subsequent measures:

  • No exposure to the sunlight
  • Stop consuming the blood-thinning medications

What to expect during the procedure?

  • Step 1: Cleaning of the scalp The surgeon will commence the procedure by clawing your scalp. Some of the areas of the donor site will also be shaved.
  • Step 2: Anaesthesia The patient will be administered with the effect of anaesthesia.
  • Step 3: Extraction Based on the procedure

    , the extraction process may vary as:

    • FUE: The grafts from the scalp are extracted.
    • FUT: The strips from the scalp are extracted. Because of this, it is also known as the strip harvesting procedure.
  • Step 4: Checking the extracted follicles The cosmetic surgeon will then send the hair follicles for deep observation in the lab. The follicles are counted and bad ones are separated.
  • Step 5: Implantation No matter what approach the cosmetic surgeon is following to carry out the hair transplantation procedure. The implantation stage will be the same in both cases.
  • Step 6: Bandaging of the area Once the surgical procedure is completed, the doctor will cover the area with the badges and instruct some necessary precautions to be taken for one week.

After the surgical procedures

As mentioned, once the surgery is completed, the patient will have to follow the instructions and the precautions suggested by the doctor. They may include the following:

  • No hair washing
  • Do not wash your hair for an absolute one week. It will give the grafts enough time to get settled in the scalp without any interference.

  • No gyming
  • If you are a fitness lover, then sorry to say, but you have to skip it for 15 days as gyming will cause you strain which may lead to sweating.

  • Do not sleep flat
  • Take the support of the pillow underneath your head as it will help to maintain the blood supply.

Hair Transplant


  • Is a hair transplant painful?
  • As we have mentioned, the procedure is performed by administering the patient with anaesthesia. So the patient could not experience any feeling whether pain or pleasure while the surgery was going on.

  • How can you get rid of the discomfort after the procedure?
  • You must read the following which will be helpful to make you get rid of the discomfort

    • Take the Prescribed medications on time. (Do not give any dosage a miss)
    • If the swollen scalp is becoming a problem for you, then you can consider icing it.
    • Make sure you are following a healthy and nutritious diet schedule. You are suggested to avoid the intake of extremely spicy food.

Bottom Line

The hair transplantation procedure is one of the effective techniques to stimulate hair regrowth. The results and the success rate of the procedure is far more than satisfying. But you are advised, do not blindly trust any of the myths. Rather try to research what you have got to hear.

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