Body Hair Transplant in Belgaum

Body Hair Transplant in Belgaum

Body Hair Transplant in Belgaum, At Infinity hair and skin solutions, we have focused on bringing about a full body-oriented hair transplant. What do we mean by this? By body hair transplant in Belgaum, we mean to take the other regions of the body into account for the hair-extraction purpose and the extracted hair follicles will then be used for transplantation in the bald area. Full body hair transplant cost in Belgaum at our clinic is considerably less as compared to the other clinics in India. With that, we have also focused on providing our patients with high quality treatment.

What Exactly Are Chest And Pubic Hair Transplants?

Body hair transplant is particularly considered for those who are having considerably less hair in the commonly used donor areas. These areas may include the sides of the scalp or the beard. In those situations, the other body parts like the following are considered to carry out the hair transplant:

  • Abdomen
  • Armpits
  • Pubic Hair
  • Pubic Hair
  • Legs
  • Forearms
  • Back Of The Chest
  • Back Of Head
    Front Of The Chest

Please Note!
As far as the chest and the pubic hair extraction oriented hair transplant is concerned, then only the FUE procedure is taken into account.

Is Body Hair Transplant Beneficial?

Yes, Of course.

The beard, pubis, trunk and axilla oriented hair transplant is best as the hair grown in these regions are sensitive to androgen. This hair develops in the terminal hair when you start hitting puberty. These hairs are generally deemed highly suitable for body hair transplants.

Why Is Body Hair Short And Thin As Compared To Scalp Hair?

According to the best dermatology experts of the Infinity hair and skin solutions, “About 70 to 80% of our body hairs are n the telogen phase and along with the anagen phase of such hair is considered as a few months shorter, which is accountable for making the body hair appear considerably shorter and thinner.”

We Are Reliable!

Infinity hair and skin solutions are one of the dependable clinics. We have incorporated the body hair transplant in our services after experimenting with each of its aspects. When we were sure of the 100% success rates, only then we started performing this procedure on our hair loss patients

    • We Evaluate Your Credentials

Before considering a patient for the body hair transplant, we make sure that we have thoroughly evaluated his credentials. Once we are sure that the hair cannot be extracted from the sides of the scalp because of the scarcity of the grafts, only then do we consider taking the body hair transplant.

    • We Make You Feel Comfortable

When it is particularly about the extraction of the pubic hair, then we make sure you are comfortable with our doctors and the specialist. Keeping that in mind, our specialists have been trained to carry out the treatment with the compassionate and comfort-providing approach.

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