Why are undercut hairstyles famous? How can this help to hide hair loss?

When the individual starts suffering from hair loss problems, then they usually opt for styling their hair in a way that they can effectively cover their hair loss. The undercut hairstyles have evolved since the last decade. But when no hair is left for the hairstyles, then the individual opt up for undergoing the hair […]

Everything you need to know about 5000 hair grafts for hair transplant

Hair transplant is one of the most effective treatment approaches to deal with hair loss for once and all. Hair transplant in Bangalore is gaining huge demand because of the way it provides natural and permanent results. Here we will tell you about the patient who got 5000 hair grafts to deal with thin hair […]

Should you drive home yourself after undergoing a hair transplant procedure?

When the patients opt for FUE or FUT hair transplant, then they have a variety of questions in their mind which they want to ask the doctors. One such question which is encountered by the doctors is whether the patients can drive themselves home after undergoing the procedure. So we decided to publish a blog […]

Stress and Premature hair greying – How to prevent such conditions?

Have you ever pondered over the causes of the premature greying of the hair? Many of us do not get to know the cause of the same. But there is usually a common cause that triggers the premature greying of the hair and that is STRESS. Stress is accountable for deteriorating the functioning of every […]

Can a cold or warm weather affect the hair transplant treatment results?

Can I get a hair transplant in any weather? Before you make any decision in your personal or professional life, we make sure to do some research. The same goes for any surgical method, like a hair transplant. We will consider all the important factors to ensure that we will get the results we want. […]

What are the signs to determine hair health? How to keep your hair healthy?

In this blog, we will make you understand the topmost signs to determine hair health and ways to keep them healthy. What are the signs to determine hair health? • Normal hair shedding As per research, it is normal for a person to shed around 50 to 100 hair strands daily. If your hair loss […]

What are the major causes of hair loss? How can we prevent it?

Exposure to moisture content is vital for the hair follicle as the dry hair is prone to get shed off at the earliest. It is not always because the scalp is dry and cannot produce enough moisture. Rather sometimes, the hair follicles themselves lack the properties which are necessary for them to keep the moisture […]

Hair transplantation – What to expect Before, During and after the procedure?

Premature Balding and persistent hair loss are commonly being experienced by people. According to the reports, premature hair loss causes a significant effect on the self-esteem and mental unwellness of the individual. But to enhance self-confidence among individuals, many hair restoration procedures are gaining significant importance. Hair transplant is one of such procedures which aim […]

Hair loss: What are the medical conditions which can lead to hair loss?

What is Hair Loss? Studies have shown that hair loss occurs in around 80 million men and women. Sometimes, it merely affects the scalp and sometimes it affects the entire body. Alopecia is the most common hair problem which occurs in adults and sometimes in children too. In addition, the condition can be permanent or […]

How should you plan your diet chart to prevent hair loss?

It has been observed that the individual usually suffers from the hair loss problem owing to their bad eating habits. Each one of us is a foodie. But that surely does not mean that you keep up with your foodie attitude your whole life. Our food habits determine the intensity of hair loss. But still, […]

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