Scalp Rejuvenation in Mysuru

Scalp Rejuvenation

Scalp Rejuvenation in Mysuru or Mysore, Scalp rejuvenation treatment session varies from person to person. In total there is a need to get 6 to 14 treatments. Undergoing scalp rejuvenation in Mysuru helps to achieve natural hair growth.
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To get the maximum benefit through this treatment, the patient needs a minimum of 6 treatments for the best possible results. In the treatment of scalp rejuvenation, the process includes treatment every week and it is given for 6 weeks.

Scientific evidence about the treatment

For a healthy scalp with healthy hair follicles, there needs to be a minimum amount of collagen. Its presence will boost hair growth.
Undergoing scalp rejuvenation will give the patient the desired results they need. It is also possible that the doctor will use the other treatment to boost the hair growth. During the treatment, the hair follicles which are not in the active state will be stimulated, tissue growth is boosted, and the healing phase will carry on. Undergoing scalp rejuvenation will give your hair the ingredients it needs through the pep factor and it might even help in hair growth.

What you should expect?

  • Consultation: In the initial phase, your medical history will be evaluated or it will be checked what physical issues you have. Please make sure that you arrive for the appointment on time so that the doctor gets the time to ask you about everything.
  • During the procedure:
    • Pep Factor used for scalp rejuvenation is put into the desired part of the scalp. Before the treatment starts, the area needs to be numb at least 30 minutes before.
    • The dermal layer is stimulated with the micro channeling device and helps the pep factor get into the scalp. Through this approach, the scalp is rejuvenated.


Following the treatment, it takes a couple of weeks to see the improvement in hair growth. In total, the new hair growth will be seen within one week. To increase the pace of results, the doctor will make use of the red light laser. Depending on your condition the doctor will tell you the best possible approach.

What happens after the procedure?

Once the scalp rejuvenation is done, the doctor will provide the left stem cell serum to you. Make sure that you follow the suggestions given by the surgeon to see the exceptional results you have always wished for. You should keep account of every little information, so that the final outcomes are not affected at any cost.

Wrapping up

Our therapist will make sure that you get the best service. They will ensure that you leave the clinic with the best outcome. Seek 5-star care with utmost dedication and precision from the maven team of medical experts. Under one roof we have all the medical solutions you want. Our doctors aim to provide the best care to patients with inventive treatment & improved services. Infinity clinic looks forward to assisting you during your initial consultation.

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