Hair Transplant in Belgaum

What are the factors which determine the cost of hair transplant in India?

How much does the hair transplant cost?

Hair Transplant in Belgaum has been a boon for patients to deal with hair loss in just one treatment. Demand for Hair Transplant in Belgaum has increased manifold because of the success rate and results given by the treatment. If we look through the non-surgical and another treatment plan, there is no other approach that works in the same scenario as it does.
Most of the patients often wonder about the hair transplant cost or how it will be calculated. While planning the treatment plan for every patient, we ensure that safety and effectiveness are followed on every step.
On the initial consultation, the surgeon allows the patient to clear their misbeliefs regarding the treatment. You are allowed to ask anything about the concerns be it post-procedure recovery, cost & precautions, timing, and other anything. Transparency in every step of the treatment is in the best interest of the patients.

How to calculate the hair transplant cost?

For the hair implantation, the total number of hair is calculated and everything is informed to the patient before-hand. The hair follicles are transplanted precisely so that they match with the rest of your hair growth. Hair transplant is a surgical intervention, so many things need to be acknowledged. Some of the factors which influence the treatment cost are:

  • The total number of hair grafts needs to be moved from one place to another.
  • Which surgical approach is used by the surgeon between FUE and FUT?
  • Surgeon expertise and skills influence the treatment cost. Experience means increased cost and quality results.

Here is the estimation of hair transplant cost, but your surgeon will give you a proper understanding regarding the same.


Hair transplant Cost

1st package

Rs 15 per follicles which includes 30 per grafts

2nd package

Rs 20 to 25 per follicle which includes 40 to 45 per grafts

3rd package

Rs 35 per follicles (70 per graft)

Depending on the initial consultation, you will be told in detail, about the treatment cost. The surgeon will evaluate the degree of hair loss and accordingly tell the graft which needs to be transplanted.

Important Note

Never consult the untrained and unqualified hair expert. You are putting yourself at risk by doing so. Choose the surgeon who talks you through the entire process which includes before, during, and aftercare.

How is the infinity clinic the choicest approach for you?

At Infinity clinic, we provide the patient with a different treatment approach to give them the best results. For each patient, the treatment is customized which results in effectiveness and natural hair growth. Our surgeon is having years of experience along with the proficiency staff who knows how to take proper care of each patient. Our doctors have been able to achieve the highest success rate by effectively transplanting the hair follicles.
If you are going through a severe hair loss issue or baldness, then do not bother yourself anymore! With our hair experts, you will have a strategic treatment plan for hair loss that helps you get lustrous and natural-looking hair growth with cost-effective treatment.

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