Bio Fue Hair Transplant in Belgaum

Bio Fue Hair Transplant in Belgaum

Bio Follicular Unit extraction is considered as the progressive and super version of the follicular unit extraction. The advanced procedure of Bio FUE aims at bringing about the ameliorated & natural hair growth. The preliminary aim of the advanced technology is to strength fully charge the results of the Follicular unit extraction. This supercharge feature can be brought about by the cell-oriented growth of the hair follicles in the surgical process. Bio FUE Hair transplant in Belgium is carried out by following the exact steps of the follicular unit extraction with little modifications because of which is known as the advanced procedure.

Bonus point of using Bio FUE Hair transplant

The main advantage of using the Bio FUE hair transplant is that it does not solely focus on implanting the hair in the recipient area. It rather focuses on triggering healthy growth in the dead hair follicles. The revitalisation effect is everlasting.

Mechanism of this stratagem

The most customarily observed effective skin lightening solutions areas listed below:

  • Step 1: The patient is undergoing some blood testing. For this, a sample of his blood is taken.
  • Step 2: The blood is stored in a centrifuge.
  • Step 3: Infused regenerative cells from the blood are eliminated so that they can be transported to the recipient zone.
  • Step 4: The regenerative cells are transfused in the bald area.

As this process causes a certain transformation in the blood so the patient is evident to encounter a little postoperative pain and light scarring. But after the patient has attended the post-surgery sessions, not only the scar will fade away but the patient will experience healthy and natural growth of hair & allayed pain.

Benefits of taking up the advanced procedure

  • Density, Volume & Scarring: The growth of the hair will be characterised by high density and volume.
    As discussed, the nature of the procedure may induce some scarring. But that scarring is in the form of needle’s tip-sized dots and are so light that after some time, they will fade away.
  • Recovery time: Because of the advanced nature of the procedure, this modus operandi is considered the most convenient option because the patients can get back to this routine within a couple of days.
  • Cost-effectiveness: The potential user might be thinking that no good thing comes to less cost. So this procedure will be expensive but it is not. The cost of the procedure is quintessentially economical.
  • Rejuvenation : The hair follicles are not falling and at the same time hindering the growth of new follicles because of which the density and volume like problem are coming to the origin. But Bio FUE hair transplant aims at the complete revitalisation of hair follicles.

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