Hair Fall Treatment in Belgaum

What is Chronic Telogen Effluvium (CTE) and what are the major differences between hair shedding and falling?

What is the exact implication of Hair Shedding?

Hair Fall Treatment In Belgaum, Hair shedding is something that can be considered normal or usual. This is because our cranium consists of 100,000 hairs approximately. It is estimated that 100 hairs are usual to shed every day. This shedding takes place owing to combing or brushing, drying hair with a towel. This shedding is normal unless it is hitting the target of 100 hair per day. If exceeded, then it will not come under the category of hair shedding. Hair Fall Treatment in Belgaum is one of the most successful and result-oriented treatments and hair transplant.

What is the divergence between Shedding and falling?

There is a huge and vast variation when hair shedding and hair fall are contrasted.

  • As discussed, if a daily count of hair fall shedding exceeds 100 to more, then this is the case of Telogen Effluvium.
  • Another complication regarding hair fall can be defined as falling of hair from the cranium and no regrowth symptoms in that particular area. In that case, a reputed and experienced dermatologist must be consulted.

What are the variegated Hair fall growth junctures?

Hair follicles undergo a perpetual progression of growth which is termed as “Hair Cycle”. Hair Cycle consists of three phases which are as follows:

  • Anagen
  • Catagen
  • Telogen

The hair cycle can be defined as:

  • Initially, there is a growth of hair that comes into the category of anagen hair.
  • Anagen hair needs to grow on regular interval time. It may take up to 4 to 6 years for the growth of new hairs.
  • Growing hair then comes into the category of Catagen hair.
  • After Catagen, the hair cycle terminates by entering the ultimate stage which is telogen. Telogenic hair thrives for 4-6 months. Ultimately they will shed. Shedding of telogen hair in the count of 200 to 300 or even more is an indication of Acute Telogen Effluvium/ ATE or if it persists to continue for longer then it is said to be chronic Telogen Effluvium/ CTE.

What is the connotation of Chronic Telogen Effluvium (CTE)?

There is a particular pattern for the Chronic Telogen Effluvium:

  • Diffusion hair loss
  • Alleviated hair shedding
  • Thinning in certain scalp areas

This pattern is common amongst both men and women.


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