Skin Tightening Treatment in Bangalore


What do you mean by skin tightening?

Skin Tightening Treatment in Bengaluru or Bangalore,Non-surgical skin tightening treatments are a cosmetic treatment which helps to change the face and stomach appearance. Instead of going with surgical options, choosing non-surgical seems less invasive. Newer and improved technologies of Skin Tightening in Karnataka are what helps the patient to get better results. Treatment of Skin Tightening in Bengaluru has seen a huge escalation because of the increased effectiveness

What are the types of skin tightening treatments?

During your birth, the skin is filled with proteins which are known as collagen and elastin. The elasticity and structure of the skin are improved. With age, protein production sees a decline in skin elasticity.
Also, pollution, stress, gravity, and hundreds of movements will make the skin saggy and stretched. The 2 main treatment types include:

  • At-home devices to do the treatment on your own
  • In-office procedure performed under the supervision of trained professional

In-office skin tightening procedures

  • Intense pulsed light or radiofrequency Intense pulsed light is performed with the velashape which attacks the fat cells and it allows them to get shrinked. The handheld devices are used to send infrared waves into the layers so that the fat deposits are broken.
    Along with that radiofrequency waves are used. The procedure does not need anesthesia. For effective and reliable results you need to get several appointments.
  • Radiofrequency Thermalift is the first technique that followed the approach of restoring or waking up lost collagen. Thermalift devices make use of radio waves which allows the skin to become tight. The procedure is administered with topical. The downtime with this technique is minimal.
    Another preferred method is thermage which needs one or more than one session to see the full effect.
  • Ultrasound therapy Ultrasound skin uses ultrasound waves which stimulate collagen production. However, to see its effectiveness you need to get it done from the experienced team.

How does the treatment work for the face?

All the aforementioned treatments are approachable for the neck, face, and stomach. You can get benefits from exilis, thermal lift, and thermage.

How does the treatment work for the Stomach?

The stomach surface is more prone to sagging and stretch marks. Velahhape perfectly addresses the concern patients have for the abdomen.

Is it Effective?

No doubt, the research is limited but it has shown that the results are effective and patients’ concerns are addressed. Undergoing treatment helps the patient to have firm and elastic skin.

How is your medical expert going to determine the cost?

Some of the possible factors which determine the cost includes:

  • What kind of treatment approach have you selected?
  • How many treatment sessions do you need?
  • What type of expectations are you looking for?
  • What are your concern areas?
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