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    Hair Transplant in Bangalore by Infinity Hair & Skin Solutions also known as Infinity clinic which is the trusted certified Hair Transplant centre and provides the best results for Hair Transplant in Bangalore, Karnataka, has specialised and most awarded hair surgeons and doctors team provides the best treatment programs to help you regain confidence and lead a healthy lifestyle at an affordable cost.

    Among the number of hair clinics present in India, Infinity Hair & Skin Solutions has been one of the best hair transplant clinics in Karnataka. The clinic’s exclusive importance to hair restoration with groundbreaking hair loss treatment is what makes it different from others.
    Our doctor’s compassion and trust towards every patient has made our clinic the best not only for hair transplant but for all hair loss issues. We use the pioneer and best surgical equipment for every procedure & surgery. All the equipment is sterilized to reduce the possibility of complications. At Infinity Hair & Skin Solutions, you can be sure that all treatments and surgeries are performed safely. The experts make sure that the results are the best.

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    Changing The Way You Receive Healthcare.

    Infinity Hair & Skin Solutions Bangalore is noted for having an acclaimed storehouse of clinical, surgical, and technical expertise for Hair Transplant in Karnataka. Our clinic’s hair restoration surgeons are known globally for their excellence. The doctors show uncompromising commitment to the patients to create individualized hair transplant treatment. The professionals have dedicated themselves to gaining experience and giving the best work for Hair Transplant in Bangalore. Providing care and changing life. Infinity Hair & Skin Solutions hair experts are known for boosting patient awareness about hair loss and proven treatments. Refining hair transplant techniques helps in delivering the best possible results to the patients.

    Transforming life with a healing touch
    Not only the superior hair transplant treatment, but our professionals are among the most proficient, experienced, and approachable in the field. Choose us and you will make the most of it in different ways:

    Leading Hair Restoration Clinic

    Leading Hair Restoration Clinic

    Evince Hair Transplant Treatment

    Evince Hair Transplant Treatment

    Legacy of Excellence

    Legacy of Excellence

    Extensively trained surgeon

    Extensively trained surgeon

    Hair Care & Treatments

    Infinity Hair & Skin Solutions has specialized doctors and treatment programs to help you regain
    the confidence and lead a healthy Lifestyle.

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    Frequently Ask Questions

    This treatment approach includes detaching the hair follicles from the back of the scalp and putting them in the DHT affected area. The main reason behind hair loss is the androgenetic alopecia and taking them from the donor area will solve that issue.

    The surgeon draws the hairline by seeing the face proportion and face cut. During implantation, the surgeon precisely checks the hair direction so that the growth looks natural. No matter what the results are the best.

    The total time to do the surgery will depend on the hair follicles which need to be implanted. On average, the treatment will take 4 to 8 hours. Mostly, it is done in one day.

    The surgeon performs the treatment under local anesthesia. So, the patient will have pain for just a few minutes and he/she won’t even realize the surgeon is doing something.

    Well, there are different assessing factors to determine the cost. The total number of grafts needed will help to plan the total cost.

    Well, it depends on the degree of baldness. The doctor will check it through the graft calculator and during the consultation you will get the rough estimate for that.

    For the first few days, you will have swelling and discomfort which is normal. Gradually, when the scalp starts healing the problem will get in control.

    Once the hair follicles are transplanted, it takes around 3 months to see the initial hair growth. After that, you will see the desired results within 8 to 12 months.

    Initially, there will be crusting which is part of the recovery. However, at this time you are at home so no one will notice you have undergone surgical treatment. Moreover, the treatment is scarless, and when the hair grows it will be completely natural 7 blends easily to the existing hair.
    Is it mandatory to shave your head before treatment?
    NO. During the consultation, you will be given the guidelines so make sure you follow them.

    The treatment not only provides natural but permanent results. Once the hair follicles are transplanted they will grow there for a lifetime.

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