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What is the aura of Hair transplantation procedure? What are the types of donor areas?

Hair Transplant in Mysore or Mysuru, One must not lose faith if one has encountered baldness. Infinity Clinic is here which offers a wide range of facilities and treatment options for hair Hair Transplant in Mysuru.


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What is the implication of the term hair transplant?

Hair transplant is unusually a procedure in which your bald area is implanted with hair of some other body part. In the hair transplantation context, the area of the body which does have enough hair and can give hair to the bald area is known as the donor area. The area on which treatment is going on is termed as recipient area.

What is the scientific approach behind the Hair transplantation procedure?

There is a most frequently asked question about the transplantation procedure. This question is – Why can not the hair of some other human being or even animals can be used in the transplantation procedure?

The hair of some other human being and animal is considered as foreign for that specific human being. It is a necessity that the DNA of the body part from which hair is to be extracted and the body part on which the hair is to be implanted should be the same. Contrary to this, the body will not respond to the implanted hair. In that case, the surgical procedure will be rendered useless.

What is the variegated genus of a hair transplant?

There are variegated types of hair transplantation procedures:

  • Head hair transplant Head hair transplantation surgery is the most performed surgery of today’s times. In this surgery, hair of the back part of the head which is usually deemed to be the permanent hair is extracted. And those hair are transplanted in the front bald part of the head.
  • Beard hair transplant In today’s times, many youngsters are prevented from growing a beard. This may be genetic or can be because of variegated reasons. In such a surgery, Hair of the head which is the donor area in this context is extracted and implanted in the beard area (chin area and surrounding area).
  • Eyebrow transplant If the hair restoration is done in cases of beard and head baldness, then why not for eyebrows. Yes! Eyebrow hair transplantation can also be done. In this case, too, hair of the head (donor area) is extracted and transplanted in the eyebrow area (area above eyes).
  • Beard to head transplant In unusual cases, baldness of the front part of the head is not covered with the backside hair of the head (permanent area). In those cases, which are usually few, the transplantation procedure is carried out by extracting hair follicles from the beard (donor area).
  • Body hair transplant As discussed above, hair from a beard is not only the option for a donor area. Donor areas can be chest, legs, and even arms or hands.

How many chemical peel sessions do you need for skin pigmentation?
3 to 5 sessions are needed with chemical peeling to get the desired results. The pigmented skin will take around three weeks to heal.

Do’s and Don’ts before undergoing the surgery

Subsequent are some of the do’s and don’ts which one should keep in mind before undergoing the procedure.

  • Avoid intake of caffeine content for absolute 2-3 days before the procedure.
  • Avoid spicy, oily, and junk food.
  • One must not consume alcohol or even smoke cigarettes 3-4 days before the procedure.
  • Do not neglect to intake prescribed medications and hair care as suggested by the doctor.

Final Thoughts

The hair Transplantation procedure has to be carried out perfectly. And that can only be done if surgery is performed by the expert faculty. Book your consultation with Infinity clinic if you are looking for expert surgeons.

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