FUT Hair Transplant in India

Best FUT Hair Transplant in India

FUT Hair Transplant In Bangalore, India, Medical science is seeing a technological wave for every treatment. One of the surgical treatments, which have seen an increased demand among adults is Hair Transplant in Bengaluru. This treatment is done through a surgical approach which is known as FUT (Follicular Unit Extraction). To get a head full of hair that has natural and permanent results, this treatment is the ideal choice for you to undergo in 2021.

FUT Hair Transplant in India

What is the FUT Hair Transplant Technique?

FUT stands for Follicular Unit Extraction. During this approach, the hair follicles are extracted through the strip method from the back and sides of the scalp. Both these sections have permanent hair growth and this way after the treatment you will get the desired results. Later, the hair grafts are transplanted to the area which is affected by DHT.

FUT procedure in Detail

Grafts are removed from the donor area which is like a small cluster of hair. The hair is cut down into the strip which is sent to the cutting room and later it is checked under the higher magnification microscopes. Following that grafts are cleaned and separated. The grafts are moved back to the area where the hair growth is less.
Patients who have noted a higher grade of baldness at the Norwood scale. This way the patient will get a customized treatment plan which improves the hair density.

Cost of FUT Hair Transplant

The cost of a FUT hair transplant is less as compared to other treatment approaches. The total cost will depend on how many grafts the patient needs. It is one of those treatment options which have the possibility of higher graft implantation as compared to other treatment methods. At our clinic, we provide the patients with the most effective and budget-friendly treatment, so that anyone with hair loss can choose this treatment.
In addition, if we compare the cost with advanced nations like the USA, UK, and Europe, then in India the cost is one-fourth. This is one of the reasons patients travel to India from all over the globe to get treatment and deal with problems for a lifetime.

What are the results of an aesthetic hairline design?

Healthy donor supply Most importantly, FUT provides a good and healthy donor supply to the patient. The patient should have a healthy donor area and this way they can get the best cosmetic results they are looking for. The patient must have a stable donor area.
No problem of autoimmune disease If the patient has an autoimmune disease, then the immune system will attack the healthy body cells. So, if the patient needs to undergo a FUT hair transplant, then they mustn’t have an autoimmune disorder.
Stable donor area The success of a hair transplant will depend on whether the patient has a stable donor area or not. A stable and safe donor area is important to have permanent hair roots and this increases the success of the treatment.
Scalp flexibility You must have a flexible scalp so that the grafts are inserted with ease. If the scalp is loose, it increases the precision to transplant the grafts in the right place. In case the scalp is tight, then a hair transplant is not the best choice for your situation.

Are there possible side effects?

FUT hair transplant is safe and effective in all senses. There are no side effects of this treatment. Make sure that you get a proper scalp examination from the best surgeon. If you are looking for one, then our surgeon can provide you with an effective treatment approach.

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