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What is meant by Male pattern baldness?

Best Hair Transplant In Bengaluru, MPB stands for male pattern baldness. It is referred to as a progressive condition which most men will experience at some point in their lives. The chances of developing MPB is 20% by the age you are 20. The condition of MPB is gradual and it can be due to various factors like genetics, age-related, and hormonal changes. The MPB is divided into 7 stages. In this article, we will make you understand how the condition is advanced. Bear in mind that the Hair Transplant in Bengaluru will give you the desired hair growth you are looking for.

Do you know?

It takes 30 seconds to measure the MPB 7 stages with “Hamilton-Norwood Scale”. Through this scale, it is easily noticed how the problem is gradual. The hair loss pattern is formed throughout the years. Hair loss is developed from the slight recession to complete baldness. Through the scale, the hair loss pattern is evaluated and you will get to know what type of treatment you need.

What are the stages of Male pattern baldness?



Stage 1

  • During this stage, no hair loss or slight recession in the hair line around the temples.
  • Hair thinning is difficult to notice
  • If someone in your family has baldness, then it is better to monitor the condition.
  • Starting the treatment on time will improve the success chances.


Stage 2

  • The hair loss from Stage 1 has started to increase. The receding is noticed at the temple’s right and left sides.
  • The M-shape hairline is being noticed as they grow older. Hair in the middle has started to get thin.
  • Hair loss is still not easily noticeable.


Stage 3

  • Hair loss has reached the stage where it is referred to as baldness
  • Hair loss at temples is very less.
  • You started noticing bald spots.


Stage 4

  • Hair loss is easily noticeable
  • The hair loss is seen in M-shape at the hairline, along with the crown and on the vertex large patches of hair loss.
  • On the vortex and temples, the baldness is most prominent.


Stage 5

  • At stage 5, you can see the horse-shoe shaped hairline.
  • On the top of the scalp, the hair loss is distinct and thinner.
  • Hair loss is severe and medications won’t give the results you need.


Stage 6

  • Hair loss is extensive & it has reached the top.
  • The crown area is thin and the scalp does not have enough coverage.
  • On the sides of the scalp, there is no further hair loss.


Stage 7

  • Stage 7 is the advanced stage or final stage.
  • Complete hair loss which is noticed as a classic horseshoe pattern.
  • The top of the scalp is bald but the sides still have hair.
  • Hair is dense and extremely fine.


By the 7th stage, if you have not started the hair loss treatment, then there is no chance to get the hair to grow back. So, it is better not to delay the treatment and get timely assistance from medical experts.

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